Berlin Special

.. a short collection of links and upcoming events in Berlin:

the article Berlin Wheatpasting provides a nice inside view into some nightly activities which leave their traces all over the city (via Design Observer)

KLARTEXT (straight talk) 14.01. – 16.01.2005 – A conference that aims

… to explore the current use of the category Political as applied to contemporary art and culture. The project brings together in Berlin international artists, activists, curators, workers in the cultural sector and theoreticians to discuss the relationship between art and politics, and provides a platform and context for the exchange of thoughts, strategies and approaches.

.. and a reminder for transmediale.05 04.02. – 08.02.2005 which

… explores the BASICS of artistic practice with digital technologies. The festival investigates the aesthetical and ethical foundations of a frantic and hyper-potential culture, and presents models of an artistic practice whose ethics derive not from past value systems, but from an appropriation of an extreme and contradictory, contemporary culture.
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