trying to define the liminal

… sometimes these days I am a bit behind updating my online readings …. so I just came across this paper at apophenia’s blog (permalink). I like the approach to define blogging as a practice to create a performative space …

As a practice, blogging is situated between a variety of different tensions – orality and textuality, corporeality and spatiality, practice and artifact. In essence, blogging is a liminal practice that challenges other practices in effort to define itself.

… title and direction of approach reminded me to some abstract posted earlier on anne’s blog about weblogs as liminal spaces, which I still would love to read entirely once … The following is an excerpt of the abstract published on her blog.

…notions of performativity and relationality to articulate weblogs as liminal spaces, or spaces of flow. In this way, weblogs may be understood as socio-technical assemblages that negotiate relations between virtuality, actuality, distance, proximity, past, present and future. In other words, weblogs create particular spaces and times in which social activity may, and does, occur….
(read abstract)
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