translating difference

Together with counterpoint opendemocracy hosts an ongoing discussion series on multiculturalism expressed as translating difference.
Among the already published articles expressing various points of view Stuart Hall reflects in the divided city on the consequences of neo-liberalism for the contemporary city .. link

The points of convergence, as well as the routes and passages through and across them, are as significant as the spatially defined and socially maintained differences. Cities both divide and connect.
… It is clear that as we try, however roughly and impressionistically, to ‘map’ the connections between the changing social and spatial configurations of the city that divisions have become more intense and entrenched. The reality is and for a long time has been that multi–culturalism and racism proceed hand in hand. The ‘global’ city is one of an intricate network of differences, any of which can at any time be activated as a potentially explosive line of division.

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