the location of culture

.. occasional remembrance to the location of culture came along on different levels … and looking through for a quote in mind – it could not be detected on first sight. This setting of a search for the reference to Bhaba’s locating of the memory / re-membering – as an act of re-arrangement, a dis-remembering of the past oriented towards the trauma of the present…
… seemed to inherent some oddity in itself, and let me decide, that it is definitly worth to remind to the entire book again via this descriptive link….

By means of a complicated repertoire of Lacanian psychoanalysis, Postmodern notions of mimicry and performance, and Derridian deconstruction, Bhabha has encouraged a rigorous rethinking of nationalism, representation, and resistance that above all stresses the “ambivalence” or “hybridity” that characterizes the site of colonial contestation–a “liminal” space in which cultural differences articulate and, as Bhabha argues, actually produce imagined “constructions” of cultural and national identity.

In The Location of Culture, Bhabha extends his explanation of the “liminal” or “interstitial” category that occupies a space “between” competing cultural traditions, historical periods, and critical methodologies. Again utilizing a complex criteria of semiotics and psychoanalysis, Bhabha examines the “ambivalence of colonial rule” and suggests that it enables a capacity for resistance in the performative “mimicry” of the “English book.” Discussing artists such as Toni Morrison and Nadine Gordimer, Bhabha seeks to find the “location of culture” in the marginal, “haunting,” “unhomely” spaces between dominant social formations.
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