states of surveillance

Already a few days before this very interesting link to openDemocracy appeared on what is the message?

Modern nation-states are obsessed with exhibiting signs of sovereignty, authority, and territoriality. Among the essential requirements of a state are to control entry and exit, define belonging and exclusion, and patrol the territorial boundaries. The passport becomes a certification tool for authorising the construction of citizenship. …
… Alongside my experiences at the borders of statehood, citizenship and national identity, it nurtures in me the sense that those who herald the end of the nation-state and the emergence of the transnational citizen are still, themselves, in Never Land. … more
Fitting to this theme of surveillance and extrem territorialization is the excellent research of Eyal Weizman’s and Rafi Segal’s Politics of Verticality (Update: sorry link now closed .. instead here an interview with Weizman) .. and also some further information on the same project here (presented within the program of
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