On opinions

The usefulness or uselessness of personal expression is going to be discussed since the first blogs appeared. Now blog entries are going to be linked at from google news page, as just happened via progressivetrail with this one: How Dare Linda Ronstadt have an Opinion!.
I guess it should be remembered that blogging eventually has become that popular as it ‘coincidently’ appeared to give room to some not yet heard voices around the same time as the iraq war started. It also allows a broader view on the unisono voice coming via massmedia across the atlantic. I don’t want to say that there are only positive side effects (as critical posts concerning blogging issues can be as well found in earlier postings of this blog), but there are definitly reasons to support this informal form of expression – eventhough I would not compare it to journalism. There is anyway already a strict limitation of the blogging form through its technical concept.

It is a different subject and a different dimension, but with german history in mind – actually yesterday’s 20th july was remembrance of Stauffenberg’s group bomb attempt – I am grateful there were some like them, like ‘Weisse Rose’, … among few others, who dared to have an opinion.

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