different degrees of invisibility

.. are going to be added. Beneath questioning social structures defined by degrees of visible representations also thoughts about cultural and educational differences in how to deal with background / foreground perception might be worth to be thought about again. It might force a general shift about the notion of ‘visibility’ as a defining fact and rise new myths. Eventualy some parts of the interest in location awareness is already attempting to fill that new vacuum of definition.
Instances of being in more than one space at one time eventhough located in one place can be observed regulary with anybody being on a cellphone – apparently well to be noticed when an other encounter simultaneously takes place. Whilst some are trying to find a playful approach on social implications of this (via PLSJ) others see it yet without any ambivalence …

And Finally, as here, invisibility is an experienced relationship between humans and their tools whether they are physical or conceptual. Within this relationship there is no inherent value judgment-the tool may be a creative instrument, or it may be a weapon.(pdf)

.. like there would not be any other impact than just the fact of the usage for the purpose one has decided on.

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