The invisibility of unknown knows and the obscure object of desire

… evolves here in associations from an analyzis worth to be read on the halluzinations & antics blog .. It linked me back to Bunel‘s obscure obsessions and finally to the surrealist’s creative understanding of paranoia – which seems somehow relvant to create a gap and gain back the ability for a difference in reality perception in the continuing hermetic interpretation of – for example this war.

Salvador Dali recalled the surrealists ideology, “It is possible to systematize confusion thanks to a paranoia and active process of thought and so assist in discrediting completely the world of reality” (Gould 37)

from here

This re-evocation is also helpful to keep alive the ambiguity of the unknown known and recalling as well that …

Bunel’s aims were specific: through the surreal, visualizing the impulses of the uncon-scious, he would, he said, “shatter the optimism of the bourgeoisie world and force the reader (or spectator) to question the permanency of the prevailing order”


.. though even here it seems to make some sense to follow the interlinking system of associational bits and thoughts ….

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