invitations to explore the disparate

These calls of drain are already around for a while but as just so appropriate to some recent posts and thoughts on occasionally inherent excluding strategies of networking I appreciate them as invitations for a discussion and involvement of the disparate:

… of syncretism – the reconciliation of disparate beliefs, systems of thought and forms of expression. Syncretism is the acceptance of a foreign or unfamiliar practice or in Diderot’s thought, the harmony of eclectic sources. More recently it has become associated with Candomble, Santeria and Vodou, which reflect the myriad of African, Amerindian, European and North American cultures from which they emerged. Here, the ostensible incorporation allowed for covert resistance and a rich process of mélange, in which associations between symbols, icons, and a variety of techniques and media are assembled. (link)

How might playful energy be a driving force in art and society? Drawing attention to trials and errors, mischievousness, illusions, irregularities, pretences and states of ‘make – believe’ this forthcoming issue of Drain will bring together the familiar and unfamiliar. We welcome works that delve into how ‘play’ operates as a sociopolitical force in creative practices. In exploring these qualities this issue encourages all contributors to visually and/or theoretically tease and take a few risks by shaking our senses around with a little bit of naughtiness. (link)

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