another definition of the between or just listing the oppositions ?

Shot and reverse shot, imaginary: certainty, reality: uncertainty, darkness and light, stop and go.. I want to say, ‘too oppositional’, but there is a third something left unsaid, not because there is no answer, more because it is too fleeting to be said: the sense of surreality that lasts only briefly after the movie is over. So, it’s never just “the Text and the Image”..

Godard like responding in an interview concerning his recent film (review):

One concept I share with Anne-Marie Miéville is making triptychs: a past, a present, a future; one image, another image and what comes between, what I call the real image, the third person, as in the Trinity.
And I would call the third person the image, the image we don’t see, that comes from what we’ve glimpsed of what we will be seeing.

I have not had a chance to see the film yet just came across those notes and website. Some points are hard to judge and don’t get clear enough from reading the reviews only … so any further comment welcome ….

UPDATE: The Winter of His Discontent Review by Jonathan Rosenbaum

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