Failure as springboard to success

By accident I am just discovering Chris Kraus, film-maker, writer and co-editor of Semiotext(e) as I came across the announcement for Performative Philosophy: The films and writings of Chris Kraus and Semiotext(e) at Monash University Museum of Art. An event I certainly wanted to visit, if it weren’t that far down under.

Performative Philosophy: The films and writings of Chris Kraus and Semiotext(e) presents Kraus’ work as a film-maker, writer and co-editor of Semiotext(e). The exhibition comprising films, books, scripts, posters and stills and production notes, encompasses the poetic force of Kraus’ filmmaking and her deeply unique and inventive voice that moves through art, fiction, feminism, politics and the many spheres of cultural production.
Since abandoning the debt and disappointment of her film career, Kraus’ work as a critic and novelist has prompted an argument that Kraus has developed an entirely new genre of writing. This year, the New York Times described Chris as ‘one of our smartest and most original writers on contemporary art and culture.’
watch on youtube

The youtube video is just one part of a longer interview available there. And listening to Kraus it seems like falling in love even with an imagination might be a good idea if one wants to start a writing career, …. though I doubt it has to be Dick …
A nice read to learn about her is also this quite recent Village Voice article Chris Kraus: ‘Films’–A Look Back at Movies by the Noted Art Writer
Her books are published by Semiotext(e).

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