What are you doing?

I guess it is really time to ask – as to find out where time is vanishing to …
Interestingly that became not only a personal question, but a very common one, which fills enire websites – so called micro-blogging services like twitter, jaiku and others.

A lot of extending applications and some as nice as twitteratlas or twittervision mash-ups are meanwhile available, … or as playful as the japanese twitters imitating the matrix.
Twitter meanwhile even spread to BBC during this year’s south by southwest event and by itself already hosts twitterfeed of BBC news.

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As obviously the central question ‘What are you doing?’ in any place around the world became even more the kernel of the growing connectivity, did anybody think about what to do with this ever increasing amount of information?

link twitteratlas

Japanese twitters resembling the matrix

As useful as twitter is for leaving a short message to friends or posting some news to spread, there is also a warning not to expose too much of your vanishing privacy to everybody’s eyes. Nevertheless this certain exposure might just create the fun for the twittering rest.
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