Bjork & Anthony

… recorded ‘The Dull Flame of Desire’ earlier this year for her ‘Volta’ album ( >>>> podcast ) .. and here in this excerpt from Tarkovsky’s movie ‘The Stalker’ the the poetry comes alive through his very own cinematic art.

The Dull Flame of Desire poetry
in Stalker film / YouTube
“I Love Your Dear Eyes…”
I love your dear eyes, my friend,
With their play so bright and wondrous,
When you promptly rise them, and,
Like with a lightning in the wildness,
Embrace at once the whole land.

But there’s more fabulous attraction:
The eyes directed to the floor
During the crazy osculation,
And through the lashes, set before,
The dusk and gloomy flame of passion.

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One thought on “Bjork & Anthony

  1. esta ves bjork
    me rompio mi vista ella
    tan perfecta como siempre
    este tema es hermoso

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