40 years

amnesty international issued a report on Monday to mark the anniversary of 1967 war in the Middle East, charging that Israel plunged the Palestinians into unprecedented levels of poverty and despair through 40 years of occupation but failed to ensure its own security. (via france24)
img via ai // The 700km fence/wall being built by Israel in the occupied West Bank snakes between towns and villages.
The paper entitled Enduring occupation – Palestinians under siege in the West Bank can be downloaded as a 52 page pdf report from the ai website which has been established to recall Israel’s 40-year occupation.

Those who have access to aljazeera international have the opportunity to watch the a new series starting with today under the title ‘Operation Focus‘, which also recalls the events 40 years ago. (Al Jazeera also recollects some of their programs on You Tube >>> here)

This are some tips to look at the events from different angles more from within the region or some understanding of the area as reminders come as well here in Germany in several forms like books published, TV reports, etc…

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