McLuhan Salon and other transmedial updates

Visitors of the transmediale 07 might not miss the McLuhan Salon established at the Canadian Embassy near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The small arrangement displays currently on 4 displays excerpts of McLuhan Films – mainly Interview excerpts or parts of lectures. There are also some displays to explore two interactive CD-ROMs and several headphones installed to listen to earlier recordings of the McLuhan. The salon is quite spacious and provides a nice space to explore the ‘master’s voice’ far away from the north-american sources.
meanwhile listen here or go to this elder posts

Eventhough obviously set up for the time period of the transmediale, the staff (McLuhan Salon link) told me that the bigger part of the installations might stay for a longer time period.

.. another not to uninteresting point is the fact that Stephen Kovats has been announced to be the next artistic director for the event. He was until recently chief curator and programme developer at ‘V2_Institute for the Unstable Media’ in Rotterdam and his nominations gives hopes to a renewal of the program, as even taz meanwhile complains that the festival drifts a bit too much in its own world without farther outlooks on developments, or even reflection on the progress of the media world.

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