Children of dystopia

Via media mindfulness I discovered a few days ago a nice composite review on the film ‘Children of Men‘. The Children of Dystopia entitled post starts with a short link-collecting intro and continues with a longer excerpt of Zizek’s review on the film. Zizek’s reading is quite opulent and assoziative as usual, but also like most of the time some fun to read …
.. some excerpt of Zizek’s comment:

I think that this film gives the best diagnosis of the ideological despair of late capitalism. Of a society without history, or, to use another political term, bio politics. And my god, this film literally is about bio politics. The basic problem in this society as depicted in the film is literally bio politics: how to generate, regulate life.
But again, I think the crucial point is that this obvious fact shouldn’t deceive us. The true despair is precisely that; that all historical acts disappear. Like all those classical statues are there, but they are deprived of a world. They are totally meaningless, because what does it mean to have a statue of Michelangelo? It only works if is signals a certain world. And when this world is lacking, it’s nothing. It all depends on whether we have a world. Do we have some horizon that makes it meaningful? It is against this background I think that the film approaches the topic of immigration..

(.. guess i should try to get the film tonite to be able to comment further …)
UPDATE: >>> Interview: Director Alfonso Cuaron

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