mapping the planet in peril

Le Monde Diplomatic just published the introduction for the new atlas Planet in Peril: Atlas of Current Threats to People and the Environment

Written by an international team of specialists, these pages from the Atlas illustrate through text and maps, graphics and diagrams the interplay between population and the world’s ecosystems and natural resources both in the short and long terms. It brings together a wealth of information from the most up-to-date sources on such key issues as climate change, access to water, exploitation of ocean resources, nuclear energy and waste, renewable
energy, weapons of mass destruction, causes of industrial accidents, waste, export, hunger, genetically modified organisms, urban development, access to health care and ecological change in China.

That is a good opportunity to point also to its listing of political maps and for those who have access to the article of P.Rekacewicz Confessions of a map-maker:

Earlier this year, Le Monde diplomatique published the second edition of its atlas, and the United Nations Environmental Programme, in partnership with the paper, published a translation of the part of it that focuses on environmental issues. It’s a difficult business being a mapmaker. Maps, as mere visual representations of the idea of the world, are just as subject to diplomacy, border disputes and international struggles as real geopolitical territory.
… (continue on Le Monde Diplomatic – sorrily a password is needed)
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3 thoughts on “mapping the planet in peril

  1. I got the printed French addition of it (there it is called; “L’Atlas” and it’s an addition of Le Monde diplomatique) the detail sumptuous maps in it depict world, and world worried issues in a “beautiful” very clear visual way accompanied by specialized analyze that tells the story behind the maps.
    this also took me to the internet site, that show some of the remarkable maps in it, as well as other very interesting cartographic sites and projects.
    the site that is mentioned is:
    and from there on i was led to a UN mapping project as well as Universities mapping sites…

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