forwarding thoughts on ends of history …

… and continuing reflections on the real and unreal under the assumption that even incorrect readings [..] make something-however marginal or inconsequential-“real,” … (from comments of the cited post)
Long sunday’s recent post contemplates on various ways of popular claims of ends of history and forwards a demand for help to find the ‘real’ essence behind those definition when they get spread on an intellectual level …

With the defeat of the French, world history seemed to be safely interred in its glorious grave, and this column was the funerary stele.

—Walter Benjamin, from “Victory Column,” Berlin Childhood Around 1900

Thus – daring a mind leap – under this interesting point of view it appears almost consequent that W.Wender’s film Wings of Desire started with the angel sitting exactly at the by Benjamin described column …

From the angels’ viewpoint, Berlin is seen in gorgeous black-and-white – strikingly beautiful but unreal; …. (read)
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