the unknown moment

Being far behind any postings – eventhough I had things in mind to put here – I never managed to do so during the last week. For the moment I return with re-blogging of what I liked a lot when I came across it at Anne Galloway’s blog. As it is put together in a nice associative way I think it worth just to quote some parts from her post on 09/28:

… Like Sennett’s description of public space as where we negotiate the unfamiliar and the different, Nancy’s ‘being with’ is not about dwelling amongst those just like us, the familiar and the safe, but about “abandonment and exposure” to the unfamiliar and risky in each other and the world around us. This is indeed a political maneuver, and one which privileges heterogeneity over homogeneity. Or as Davis puts it in Laughter; or, Chortling Into the Storm:

“Jean-Luc Nancy’s Inoperable Community and Maurice Blanchot’s Unavowable Community both offer a post-humanist take on ‘being-with.’ They describe a community that exists not in the common work effort but rather in the moment of ‘unworking,’ in the hesitation, the backspin, the crack up. It exists as what is in-common before any projected telos. The members of a post-humanist community, Nancy suggests, find communion across the exposition of their own unsharable finitude, which becomes the very condition for their commonality.”

.. and as always interested into the unknown (in an equivalent reading of not yet definable) ..

“Trust laughs at danger and leaps into the unknown.”

.. eventhough not 100% sure about the laughing trust. To step into openess and insecure/unknown fields might not only be laughing at danger, but just questioning the established limits. Laughter for sure can be a transcendental move allowing to overcome assumed interpretations. .. thus I might agree …

… for more on her post follow the link above.

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