watch the watchers

Mary Ellen Carroll’s Federal examines the actions and notions of surveillance through photographs: it is the attempt to visualize the non-representable through the structure which appears at its very surface. (link)

The title for the project is derived from the name of the structure, The Federal Building, located at 11000 Wilshire in Los Angeles, and designed in 1969 by the architect Charles Luckman. The Federal Building has been referred to in architectural guidebooks as the embodiment of bureaucracy.

The series historically acknowledges both Andy Warhol’s EMPIRE and Toni Negri’s popular book “Empire,” genuinely, yet ironically; but it is not a film about the building as celebrated icon, nor is it an interpretation of an au courant political theory. FEDERAL is the articulation of an image of what is presently legally, socially and politically non-representable.
(review on rotten tomatoes)

… assuming that one would be able to be in NYC – watch the watchers at village cinema

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