Serpica Naro – San Precario

… continuing: Serpica Naro, the “collective granny” of alternative imaginary – emerging as an anagram of San Precario – was invented as an open meta-brand that any stylist from the “radical fashion” can use – basically emphasising:
why save the world when you can design it ?

… , the movement of temp and precarious workers that every year organises the Euro May Day event ( reengineered the role of the leader and spokesman and created in Italy a new saint for the precariat: San Precario ( is an open-source pop star that (as its forerunner Luther Blissett) merges archetypical figures of italian collective imagery (saints) with the latest social figures (temp workers). After his triumph as the icon of the movement, San Precario generated in 2005 its anagram Serpica Naro, an anglo-japanese virtual stylist at the center of a historical hoax against Milano’s Fashion Week, where she managed to get a catwalk and media coverage as a real stylist. Serpica Naro ( was useful to condemn the conditions of precariuos workers within italian fashion industry, but especially to create an open meta-brand that any stylist from the “radical fashion” can use.

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The following is drawn from the downloadable (zipped pdf) press release of Serpica Naro:

Serpica Naro is no anglojap stylist officially listed for Milano’s fashion week. Serpica Naro does not exist: everybody can be a stylist. Serpica Naro is the anagram for San Precario, radical patron of precarized temps. Serpica Naro is a metabrand. Serpica Naro is a generous version of the Trademark. Everyone who identifies with Serpica can be part of it. Serpica Naro is a place where alternative imagery, style and selfproduction, creativity and radicalism meet. Serpica Naro declares the end of the status and role of the fashionistas and their ideological creations.
She asserts a social networking method and punctures a hole thru the fashion business by which you can express social production and conflict. Serpica Naro is an independent production of the senses, the opening of a public code opening, the collective liberation of skills and minds. Serpica Naro is a platform from building relationships, an open network constantly growing and thickening. Our grannies taught us how to knit without asking nothing for it in exchange. Serpica Naro is our new “collective granny” sharing her knowledge and experience on the needle trades. Serpica Naro is a website that expresses a precarious style lab, gathering selfmade production together so to enhance the sharing of work, knowledge and information. Existential instability and social precarity are turned into active resources are made part of a work in progress that pushes to us move and create new styles. Creativity and experimentation meet the agitation and representation of social conflict.
Serpica Naro as metabrand of self-production is our way of declaring that the fashion week is over and the season of precarious conspiracy has started!
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