‘Fear and space’

is the title of a new book which triggered my attention as for sure it is not only their assumption that fear is everywhere, dominating public discussion, driving the political debate, making us long for times gone by.. The book describes projects, research and performances of a group of young designers and architects which tried to examine public spatial organisation – in this case of the netherlands. All projects were based in local areas of Rotterdam but as one of the participating groups describes that ..

.. it is also global, since it establishes a connection between the local situation and social-economic inequality around the world. ..

.. I would agree that it at least has relevance for the situation in Europe (the infamous fortress) … might be even elsewhere .. further out …

Western society is being terrorized by fear. Whether concerning national security, road safety or the protection of public health, every form of risk is meant to be spread, accounted for or eradicated. The safety and security obsession is leaving behind ever more visible traces, especially in public space. Speed bumps, smoke-free zones and surveillance cameras serve a society where prevention is the order of the day. (link)
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