disconnecting / space of absence

.. there is some unwanted irony in this reversal of technological appliance: after all the efforts taken to interconnect these floatables want to occur as disconnected islands which create room for ‘exclusive connections‘ .. (via)

The data that portrays our lives and lifestyles is accessible by so many individuals and organisations that it can longer claim to lie outside the public domain. The fact that there are many individuals and organisations that are not able to access this data does not make it any less public — the great myth of public space is that it is a space open to all.

Public space, whatever the cultural definition, has always sought to limit access: to particular members of a community, particular citizenships, particular genders or particular income groups. In such a situation, what is needed is a truly private space: a space of absence….

The aim of the floatable jellyfish-like vessels that drift around cities is to create temporary, ephemeral zones of privacy …

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