The Power of Nightmares

.. continuing on the issue of fear of terrorism the three part series aired on BBC last october under the title ‘The Powers of Nightmares‘ (part2, part3) seems to be one of the rare productions offering a different view, which includes some analysis in general politics. The film written and produced by Adam Curtis explores the idea of a threat through a hidden and organised terrorist network as illusion. It might be interesting to read this article A. Curtis wrote as a comment for the guardian unlimited which makes clear that he does not deny any threat, but tries to focus on the reinstallation of powerful systems grounding on public fears.
In an excellent article at the guardian ‘The making of the terror myth‘ Andy Beckett excavates an interesting definition of the term ‘terrorism’

Terrorism, by definition, depends on an element of bluff. Yet ever since terrorists in the modern sense of the term (the word terrorism was actually coined to describe the strategy of a government, the authoritarian French revolutionary regime of the 1790s) began to assassinate politicians and then members of the public during the 19th century, states have habitually overreacted.

and points to authorian attitudes of dealing with fears which foster the growth of prejudges almost unlimited:

“Politicians have packaged themselves as risk managers. There is also a demand from below for protection.” The real reason for this insecurity, he argues, is the decay of the 20th century’s political belief systems and social structures: people have been left “disconnected” and “fearful”.

The film has been reviewed very contradictionary, thus the best suggestion comes from common dreams to get your own opinion about it .. view it!
If there is no pirate cinema in your town so far here is an optional link and as well the transcripts available at information clearing house.

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