.. and coding the code again ….

.. yesterdays post linked to Black Atlantik‘s website project, which I now found described as: The imaginary space of cultures on the move, of counter-histories and networked identities in this century has found its steady location: the virtual space of the www.
Partly true I still have to think about the underlaying script and machinery inherenting its own more or less unconcious attendance of cultural and social bearings. Therefore I appreciated a lot as an universal comment the remark Gloria Wekker made yesterday about the necessity of deconstructing whiteness in the general imaginary on the panel Becoming Black Europe.
These thoughts link me to Anne Galloway‘s interesting post on comparison between code and its interweaving feedback with forms of habit. From the pdfs she is mentioning the following excerpts from texts of Andrew Mackenzie formulate well some thoughts I had on mind recently:

From the standpoint of 2003, post-dotcom crash and 9/11, the scope of virtuality and cyberspace seems much reduced. The identification of the Internet (including email, usenet groups, chatrooms, IRC, WWW, MUDS/MOOs, etc) with the virtual has become weaker and more unstable. In the main, notions of the virtual look like exaggerated representations of certain relational potentials of computer-mediated communication. As more recent studies of new media have shown, the identities, relations, politics and ontologies associated with new media are not radically different but intimately interconnected with older media, older institutions and older forms of sociality.
If the equation between new media and virtuality was mistaken or ‘just’ hype, what scope for an analysis of virtuality in relation to new media remains? Over the last decade or so, an alternative notion of the virtual has established itself and continues to extend its scope and relevance. The concept of virtuality associated with Gilles Deleuze’s thought, and recently elaborated in (Shields, 2003; Grosz, 1999; Delanda, 2002; Massumi, 2002 in order of increasing difficulty) heads in a different direction. This version of the virtual designates something real that exists as a multiplicity.
entire pdf form MacKenzie
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