The attempt to shed light on another actual aspect of hybridity

got absorbed through overanxious official reactions, as it obviously has to be avoided to face the ambiguity of own and already – silently as common introduced – strategies, when looked at from a different angle. The recent work of CAE (critical art ensemble) tried to bring up aspects of yet barely known hybridity entering our lives on the level of daily groceries. It came just into focus lately with the accussations against CAE being first charged of ‘bioterrorism’, but then was changed as followed: … not with bioterrorism, as listed on the Joint Terrorism Task Force’s original search warrant and subpoenas, but with a glorified version of “petty larceny,”…

Perhaps with such an outcome in mind, preeminent science magazine Nature has called on scientists to support Kurtz. “As with the prosecution of some scientists in recent years, it seems that government lawyers are singling Kurtz out as a warning to the broader artistic community…. Art and science are forms of human enquiry that can be illuminating and controversial, and the freedom of both must be preserved as part of a healthy democracy–as must a sense of proportion”
further information on the case as well as on the work of CAE can be found here
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