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   GAP - generally advanced performance

the development of a space inbetween
by using the interstices

of space
so called .. virtual / real

of time / space
linear / multidirectional

of environment / relation
privat / public

... the blog seems an adequate tool to try this experiment
so let's start here: (open links by clicking)

some thoughts on guidelines for blogging

-> creation of structural outline for operational principles
>>> Visualization of concept
>> Voice of Blog

/ one way > subjective character
/ another voice | another subject > dialog between subjects
....... both of them < voice versus voice > create subject according to and by defining the blogging theme

Voices create characters .. establishing representation ... -> here through the process of performativity within a 'fluid' space

... the performative subject of doing a website is a characteristic to a blog, so to generate the ideas - a blog establishes a frame, for actors and agents ... creating a dialog between programmed and human structures

-> ) definition of operating principles ! (1 or 2 paragraphs)

Collection and creation of effective paragraphs and good links but more important is, how it is created > images links, texts.. etc.. have some sense in the environment or theory .. !

Issues of private/public frontiers, when one considers the web and internet as environment on a global level where it is but a question between an actor but inside each persons room
.. would be asking to challenge an idea of the blog (.. as a performative platform) itself as a kind of orthodoxy already more like as actor / player
whereas the computer itself is an acting platform
i was specifically thinking of that inhabiting the blog within its structures
... which then are further designed through internet space

With another sense of how to work more along private lines and information lines of a blog then these are the way one will be able to organize : an 'identity' ... and as well, grow into it or if not, see what does not fit rather than just start writing left to right and also linking and so on there has to be before hand a set of rules, operating principles so people can read that like the operating instructions and come into the world one is thinking of describing or giving routes through ..

Still that also fits to the strategies of web..

so far this sketch ..


Structuring architecture:
Developing line -> created through the assembly of texts / comments
  • creating variable rooms / a stage
  • voices establish those scenes / settings
  • sound defines identity (thus sound of the room / scene)

  • collecting from nonlinear space
    developed along a timeline which assembles 'templates' becoming visible along this

    assembled line of scenes (images) / postings

    The postings are the scenes (like projections in 2D but construct the 3D space) - Comments are additional flickers
    The space in between is the space to develop the 'open (permeable) wall' of the 'room' - the space for 'new' image / settings, for 'new' scenes / actions

    Structural/architectural aspects:

    .. regarding the virtual as space behind space / room behind room /permeable space
    ..the blog to be seen as a room, which I create as a communicate from

    room to room //    real to real /    virtual to virtual /    real to virtual - > loop and back

    From virtual to real //    the virtual

    (eventually the expressions used should just be exchanged through visible and invisible, but it is still as unsatisfying as real/virtual dichotomy and not capturing the entire process)

    The virtual room is the travelling one, travelling along the routes of 'netlines' - > passing by where people can enter for a minute or so and help to create a wall / ceiling .. to define a space - as the pervasive walls are again and again redefined through the themes brought up and limiting it - and at the same time by the possibility that they can be 'stepped through' changed, moved, painted etc.. through the act of expression

    Thus it always can be seen as a person in its room - > and the stage, which can be entered is the blog / space (internet) of the blog with moveable settings, changing all the time as in a theatre piece -> performance

    This defines the difference to a forum, as it is not just a microphone, where one can step behind and talk about one opinion .. but a setting which forms the play..

    connecting to room tone .. the sound of the room forms its identity - sound/identity .. close to its appearance as a cool medium thus to be more likely related to an acoustic space (link: quote roomtone)

    The links are more or less predefined directional lines..

    different aspects, which create different 'angels' thus different 'voices'

    1. various themes overlapping - > creating connecting points
    -> interconnectivity
    2. the 'sculptural view' -> walking around one subject and viewing it from different angles

    collection voices    < - >    voices
    my person                        adressing my person
    as an interest my person    as delineating an identity

    -> comments as interference, - stimulation, -provocation
    theme: (media) projection - film, discrete media, hybrid forms
    interstice / gap .. regarded as a self reproductive and necessary lack to create

    the gap as the metaphor for the void / black space which is necessary to have other things evolve -> to get a 'moving' / streaming (bits) projection -> to get a (changing) performance -> thus the gap as the moment of free space, defining the closed 'programmed' space - the scripted space, which needs the break to get the next action running/ the next character introduced

    -> bits, morse, pulse, etc..

    the gap as the underlining concept, as the line, basis from where things start to evolve.
    The principles of theatre/performativity and cinema - 'representation set against action script'
    like a room is defined by walls, (or any of a definition of limits)
    - media space is defined by its gaps

    main points:
    1. to refer to the image as the interstice of gaps within the representational tactics thus turning the creation of it into a set of performative actions.
    2. this is the point to examine what evolved to bridge the loss of authenticity emerging from the new technologies
    3. net startegies appeal to a general deterritorialization of the brain - > consequently the evolving deterritiorialisation of cognition should also contribute to a non fixed / established view - > meaning trying to find out about the 'gap' between the gaps -finally it is a self-reproductive necessity
    4. reference of artists, who do not point out that much a relation between the images, but the invisible interstices of an underlying script of embedded sociality and equally influenced response of technical terminology, which outlines new approaches


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    last update: 11/2004
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