list of remote devices
These remote devices are mainly machines to enhance sight without a directly concerned observer. They are either involved to perceive something not visible to the pure human eye - satellites, endoscopy, ... or to see instead of an observer - surveillance, ..., where it is not that important if there is one or not. Some other applications operate only with computatorial skills not easily comprehensible for humans - biometrics, ...and so on.
It has to be kept in mind, that what can be seen is a still a 'question about who is allowed to look, to what purposes, and by what academic and state discourses it is legitimated.' And ' that what the eye purportedly 'sees' is dictated to it by an entire set of beliefs and desires and by a set of coded languages and generic apparatuses.'

Mainly based on 'reality' videodata:

- TV
- webcams
- surveillance cameras / CCTV
- satellilites
- smart machines
- smart bombs / cameras on bombs
- cameras on guns
- radar
- scanning systems
- ray tracking
- autotracking systems / videotracking
- motion control / infrared-shooting systems
- texture mapping
- computervision: robots /
  pattern recognition
- biometric systems: facerecognition /
- endoscopy

Related Devices:

Based on diverse 'reality' data (audio, video)
- Multispectral sensors
- GPS (Global Positioning System)

Mixing virtual and 'reality' data:
- Simulation systems (flight, car)
- VR helmets

(Therefore it simply would be too much I will not add sensors and similar devices.)