March 10, 2004 / / general gap

Auteur of the notorious Flaming Creatures, performance artist before such a term existed, photographer of unlikely incandescences, “the Alfred Jarry of the East Village,” Smith died without a will in 1989.

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March 8, 2004 / / multitude
March 6, 2004 / / internet

… wonder whether this will happen

“Blogs are helping us get a better understanding of how things happen on the Internet,” said Adar. “We’re hopeful that in being able to do this research, we can apply the technology to other information, like e-mail, to improve productivity.”

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March 4, 2004 / / general gap
March 3, 2004 / / general gap

Struggling with the understanding of rdf/rss and atom gave me some new hints for my thought process of which identity can and might be created through the set up of a blog to make use of its inherent features (virtual/real connections, multi directional, creation of space, etc..

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March 1, 2004 / / general gap
February 28, 2004 / / general gap

.. is still somehow new to me. Its steady presence is accompanied by the various possibilities this city offers. One spot I liked to visit for various events since I came here is the HKW –

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February 26, 2004 / / general gap

… as I am returning to my thoughts about what a blog can and should be, what kind of structure could be established to keep it structured and interesting beyond the like naturally evolving timeline of a everyday diary.

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February 24, 2004 / / internet
February 23, 2004 / / general gap
February 22, 2004 / / network structures

for the original map with working links please go here: It is a map (link at trying to develop a more semantical structure on the basis of an older one of jodi. Still it traces back to a…

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February 20, 2004 / / general gap
February 18, 2004 / / general gap

On the way in generally thinking on the structuring architecture of this blog and updating my older projects on issues of perception … the evolving gap seemed to be invitating to introduce another voice.

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February 18, 2004 / / general gap

Main Entry: in·ter·stice Pronunciation: in-‘t&r-st&sFunction: nounInflected Form(s): plural in·ter·stic·es /-st&-“sEz, -st&-s&z/Etymology: Middle English, from Latin interstitium, from inter- + -stit-, -stes standing (as in superstes standing over) — more at SUPERSTITION1 a : a space that intervenes between things; especially…

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