April 13, 2004 / / internet

.. made me trace back quite different lines as i expected and had intended to follow. This observation about my own routes made me even more thoughtful about the keywords I stumbled along…. too busy for intensive web reading at the moment I wanted to follow that

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associating on the repeated appearance of the term from recent developments, which lead to actual contributions of it in different fields. The aspects of the notion come to mind when taking into regard its span from an article by Kareem…

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March 25, 2004 / / media

via the article Lessig’s Free Culture, free online, under a Creative Commons license at boingboing’s directory of wonderful things.

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March 24, 2004 / / general gap

In the article The Doubling of Space Moore argues that media as we use it multiplies the situational interconnections that are possible between places. He refers to older assumptions of Meyrowitz’ conclusions on ‘relatively placeless’ situations in ‘electronic societies’, but constitutes rather a conception of place as pluralized.

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March 22, 2004 / / film

.. coming via The Pinocchio Theory and the review on capturing the friedmans via kottke.org remind me that some of these films I really want to see, especially if there is already some good or at least nicely done background…

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March 18, 2004 / / general gap

train of thought

A single territory is mapped to the Net. This territory is also a set of codes that inscribe writing in a certain fashion–in the desire for immediate response, without delay, in the manner of analysis of mass communications; and the desire for the frontier, the unexplored, in the manner of (neo)colonialism.

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March 15, 2004 / / media

An article (no online link) in the spiegel magazine refers to young mobile users in the Berlin night as acting in swarm like habit: ‘Biologists speak about emergent behaviour. Nobody has an idea, but suddenly all act at the same…

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March 11, 2004 / / media