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September 24, 2004 / / hybridity
September 23, 2004 / / hybridity

Homi Bhabha‘s quote, which came along with exploring the(no)space of Black Atlantic at the House of World Cultures the recent days, kept on lingering
The right to narrate one’s own history is more than just a linguistic act.
Finally it initiated a search renewal on his name leading to still highly actual insights:<

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September 20, 2004 / / hybridity
September 19, 2004 / / hybridity
September 14, 2004 / / communication

… some time ago the following comment on so called ‘cyber’-culture still could claim some relevance, but was already problematic in terms of a more hybrid understanding of emerging identities …

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September 9, 2004 / / communication

A self emerges in the process of interaction. Important to this process are both symbolic meanings and the structure of interaction. That is, meaning and the form

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September 5, 2004 / / communication
September 3, 2004 / / general gap

Yet not that much some reviews of the new book Multitude. War and Democracy in the age of Empire.. more likely some angles supporting a clearing view on the phanomeneon of Hardt and Negri and their books and ideas

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August 30, 2004 / / film

… some questions to be asked by Iraqi writer Khalid Kishtainy on openDemocracy ..

Of course US apologists will take solace and pride in the fact that Michael Moore is still alive and free and was able to produce

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August 26, 2004 / / general gap
August 24, 2004 / / communication
August 19, 2004 / / general gap
August 18, 2004 / / film

cinematized blog – Uncovered: The War on Iraq .. from village voice on a film by Robert Greenwald Anybody who tries to deconstruct the new American empire erected by the Bush regime’s schnooks and crooks winds up babbling to himself…

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