MELT … & more – body and site related performances

Some weeks ago I really could imagine how she felt …. “When I first came to new York it was so unbearable hot. It’s the feeling that your body is going to disintegrate and the body as material. …” (link) and coming across the announcement of the upcoming NYC performances I discovered these really interesting projects. Next to Melt I especially would like to see the upcoming White Box, where I very much like the idea and description. Explore for yourself … Sens Productions

After touring the world, MELT returns to New York for a two-week run. With this full evening-length version of MELT, Lafrance invites audiences
to a stunning industrial site used by the city to store salt, located under the Manhattan Bridge in Lower Manhattan. During the highs of NYC’s heat waves, MELT embodies its full meaning when seven dancers perched on small seats affixed to a wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes are slowly melting away. Dancers gradually progress in euphoria and exhaustion as if approaching the sun, melting until their souls escape their ephe- meral bodies and disintegrate into light. This surreal performance enraptures the audience in a sensual, dramatic and delicate experience of the physical body in exile and surrender. Seen by the audience from below in close perspective, MELT is both meditative and captivating, combining intensity and vulnerability with original choreography; a spectacle of the beautiful and the grotesque and at once a performance and a three-dimensional live sculpture. (via)
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