found and liked: tentative connections

A visit to Munich, chance and a good friend brought me to see a show, which really impressed me by its careful and light compositions … and – stays on my mind – a sign, which does not happen to often. A desire to memorize the seen and share the experience, brings that to my blog, thought the context the impact might weave and develop into is not yet totally clear to me. May be it is just some tentative connection starting to trace a future path – let’s see where it leads.
“Tentative connections weave through the works: the desire to view the world from a remote position, and the importance attributed to the location of the workplace or studio within the landscape, whether imaginary or built. However, rather than illustrate specific narratives, Kiaer evokes a context in which ideas and motifs overlap, encouraging a dialogue between the disparate components.”
(excerpted from Lizzie Carey-Thomas’ text on Tate / Art Now)

The show, currently running at the Munich Kunstverein (until end of August) …

For his German solo-debut, Kiaer joins his artistic interests with a particular history of its hosting institution: in particular the political motivations to establish Kunstverein München in Munich in the early 1800’s, to provide a counter position to the then ruling norms in Academic painting. Within this solo-show this history is both activated and subverted within a single contemporary production. (k.m.)

…. can be virtually looked up at Contemporary Art Daily as a nice overview including quite big images in a slide show.

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