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Recently I came across this peer-reviewed online journal’s March issue ‘On the City‘ and kind of liked especially its web-related multi-media access. Here is a description of the journal in its own words:

Liminalities is an open-access peer-reviewed journal for performance studies, theory and praxis. Our goal is to embrace the possibilities for presenting performance studies work by exploring and exploiting the “staging” potential of digital media. We publish essays, aesthetic works, digital media projects, documentaries, book reviews, interviews, and works about pedagogy & performance. Follow the journal information link for information about submitting projects and essays to Liminalities, and for information regarding our board of reviewers.(about)

Finders Keepers is one example of a reviewed project, which can be accessed via film, flash or pdf text.

The first Finders Keepers “street-gallery” was described on the handdrawn flyer as presenting “found, stolen and borrowed city trash gloriously decorated for your pleasure by London’s filthiest marker wielding villains” (see figure 1). The idea behind the event was for a group of street artists to meet up, go drinking
and seek out items of street detritus on which to produce their work.

A week later, they would reconvene at a secret location, bringing with them their finished artworks, which would then be put on display. Members of the public were then invited to “come join the crowd for broken beats and dustbin booze,” forming a kind of opening party in the temporarily occupied space. The event culminated with the blowing of a whistle, at which point the crowds were free to grab an item of work they liked and take it home with them, ripping down the whole scene in a few short minutes and disappearing into the night. (.. continue)

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