The Persian Revolution

An interesting theater piece – entitled The Persian Revolution – by Mehrdad Seyf is currently travelling the UK described as a surreal, comic and disturbing piece of theatre inspired by the events of the 1906 Constitutional Revolution in Iran. The piece ia already Seyf’s fith production and his work is generally described as being influenced by the relationship between Iranian and European cultures. .. sounds pretty worth to go …

The constitutional revolution was the first event of its kind in the Middle East; it was covered by the press worldwide and gave rise to issues, which are still being debated today.
100 years on The Persian Revolution is a contemporary interpretation of the exciting events surrounding the establishment of the first parliament and constitution in Iran in 1906. The play travels through layers of time and across the decades. From the vaudeville halls of 19th Century England to a corner of Tehran where a child avidly reads the adventures of Tintin. America lands on the moon whilst an Islamic cleric searches the sky for God and children learn about the electoral law of 1906. The sound of the Revolution encroaches upon everyday life as the East awakens and takes its first tentative steps towards a democratic government. In this dark comedy Mehrdad Seyf brings an anarchic surrealist humour to these momentous events where politics, religion, love, satire, sanitation and civil war go hand in hand with the fragile establishment of the first secular parliament in the Middle East.
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