picidae – breaking through the wall / ZONE INTERDITE – unveiling some blind spots

A cool project currently has been set up and continues developing to deliver access to blocked and censored sites, which have been blocked for political reasons, via so called ‘pici-servers’.

… The World Wide Web, the nervous system of a simultaneous communication and the platform for global data exchange, is quite a diverse heterogeneous formation. Many nations have an active Internet censorship. Government, Internet providers and Internet Services are observing, controlling and even blocking content. Therefore the Internet appears in different forms: tidied up, and in other ways trimmed or fragmented.
So what’s about this world that appears on our computer monitors?

The criteria of censorship and its technical accomplishment are also clandestine. While continuously eliminating specific content, censorship eradicates criticism as well as discussion, language, and the medium itself.
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As the group, who developed the ‘picidae’ project writes – during their research they also came across blind spots in their own perception – and the result of facing this fact can be looked up at ZONE*INTERDITE:

Starting with the artistic ambition of gaining our own picture of the world, we discovered certain blackouts – maskings of our perceptions. When observing military restricted areas, our attention got blurred.

“Zone*Interdite” reconstructs the terrain which our reflection has been deprived of:(link)

…..With our media art project ZONE*INTERDITE we unveiled some blind spots in our own perception. picidae follows up here and explores our perspective and imagination in relation to the digital information transfer. picidae takes the questions for the image of the world literally. The pici-server delivers images of web pages and uses the image as digital encryption. The power of an image is not calculable.

Generally I think even with their picidae project they reveal one of our blind spots – as knowing about the censorship for example in China does meanwhile prevent no one anymore from trading or travelling for the upcoming Olympic Games there. So this project is a good hint to point to misperception we accept for our convenience – directly surrounding us – like ZONE*INTERDITE states – or more more remote situations, which we ignore to keep up living standards …

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