unfinish! – 20 years transmediale

transmediale.07 is going to open its doors on January 31st under the theme ‘unfinish!’.

“A finished work is exactly that, it requires resurrection.” (John Cage, 1949)

unfinish! demands the re-opening of processes that are deemed closed.

unfinish! questions finality and claims that any given situation is full of potential.

unfinish! investigates artistic processes that are open to change and reversal of decisions.

is the battle cry and the curse of digital work that knows no conclusion, but only consecutive versions.

… announcing its conference theme as following:

The transmediale.07 conference, unfinish!, deals with the phenomenon of finiteness in art, science, architecture, computer science and politics. The digital culture of the present seems to be neither willing nor able to accept final determination and the closure of processes. Instead processuality and continuous and consecutive updates and versions are the credo of current cultural practices. The conference of the transmediale.07 enters into the discrepancy between the desire to open up solidified structures and situations, and the curse of digital work that doesn’t come to conclusions,but only to an iteration of preliminary versions. In this discussion terms such as ‘opening’, ‘closure’, and ‘restart’, figure as central aspects. In six panel discussions and in three keynote speeches, they will be analysed and applied to artistic and socio-political questions.

conference scedule

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