new religions ..

.. or the escape from staging the self:

But cinema for me is like a kind of secular, western version of an
ecstatic space. And there’s a ‘communality’ to it. You tend to lose your little, miniature empire. The enjoyment comes from letting go of this construction of yourself that you’ve got to keep staging all the time.

.. excerpt from an interview at film-philosophy with filmmaker Sophie Fiennes, who made the Zizek documentary The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema last year.

… continued 03/01/07: for those generally interested in Zizek’s contemplations and texts written about his ideas/impact, it might be worth to look up the new online publication of the International Journal of Zizek Studies which just appeared with its 1st volume under the title ‘Why Zizek? – Why Online?’.
The following, in a way here in-between – the above and the below – fitting quote comes from P.Taylor’s article Žižek’s Zeitgeist: Perverted Theories of the Mass Media:

… Žižek’s notion that contemporary ideology is disproportionately based upon knowing that what we are doing is ideologically suspect, but continuing to do it anyway, is applied to the work of various theorists. It is claimed that in contrast to authentically critical theory, too readily, they disingenuously accommodate their ideas to various systemic cultural processes that should be interrogated more energetically. From Žižek’s Lacanian-informed perspective they are shown to be acting as theoretical perverts. (link)
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