under fire again

Jordan Crandall’s UNDER FIRE mailinglist started into a new season of discourse: UNDER FIRE is an ongoing art and research project that explores militarization and political violence. It delves into the structural, symbolic, and affective dimensions of armed conflicts: the organization, representation, and materialization of war.

This time the project publishes its major contributions on a blog, which just started about a week ago with introducing the first moderator’s voice. According to the already published scedule each week another team will give an outline for the discussion by publishing texts accompanied by interventing and inserting supplements of other artists, media makers, educators, activists, political analysts, media researchers, writers, performers, cultural theorists, social scientists, architects, organizers, networkers, and other scholars and practitioners.
Example of this week’s introduction by Alain Joxe on ‘War Infrastructures‘ which will bring in JOHN ARMITAGE and PAUL N. EDWARDS / Intervention: KELLER EASTERLING (on the global industry of subtraction), RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE (on the act of ‘turning a deaf ear’) / Insertions: MANUEL DELANDA (on war ecologies); CHALMERS JOHNSON (on military baseworlds); SASKIA SASSEN (on territory, authority, and rights) …

… A “chaos” has now completely, and for years to come, replaced the orderly world of the Cold War. Nonetheless it has a dynamic morphology: an overdeveloped core, zones forming constellations of democracy or free market clusters in circular form, then, further away, zones separated by flexible or ephemeral institutional, economic or military membranes; zones in crisis, zones of barbaric violence, social wastelands and slow or rapid genocide; a surveillance system consisting of observational satellites and of bureaucracies to interpret their observations and databases; a non-hierarchical system of communication, telephone, internet, cyberspace, an infosphere structured as an anarchic, but diversified, space. ….
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