Catch a Fire

…. any similarities, assoziations, …? … whatever comes to mind …
This film about Southafrica sounds interesting enough and it’s not at all just posted for the accumulation of similar post titles, even though there seems to be a line …

Fears of terrorism. Demonization of an “other.” Suspects detained without explanation, held in isolation, with no access to lawyers. No, it’s not American policy in 2006, it’s South Africa in 1980, ….
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NYT titles a review of the same film … from freedom fighter to the making of a terrorist (NYT) and LAweekly states:

Patrick Chamusso didn’t set out to become a terrorist, but the times in which he lived made him into one. …

Trailers and more information on Catch a Fire (website) can also be found via ai, who support the film.

UPDATE: Interviews with Director Phillip Noyce, actor Tim Robbins and screenwriter Shawn Slovo on greencine here and here.

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