life in 3D

.. for a sleepy sunday and to abbreviate the waiting phase for a chance to see Gondry’s ‘The science of Sleep‘ it is quite entertaining to explore the official website (french) and already exsisting excerpts at you tube ..

Sweet, crazy, and tinged with sadness, Michel Gondry’s new feature The Science of Sleep is a wondrous concoction. The tricksy romantic narrative—in which Gael García Bernal plays a hapless, Chaplinesque madman—may be reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which Gondry
img sketch for the type writer scene in ‘Dear Stephanie’ via NYT
directed from Charlie Kaufman’s script. The look, however, harks back to Gondry’s music videos. This is a movie of bizarre costumes, collage landscapes, herky-jerky object animation, fake perspectives, and wild creative geography. (read)
‘Dear Stephanie’
‘resonant clouds’

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