‘Im Kino gewesen. Geweint.’

Kafka’s diary note still speaks to people and defines one of their most characteristic experiences with cinema. This take stands also for one of the major entrance points the recent exhibition ‘Movies on the mind. / Kino im Kopf‘ at the Filmmuseum in Berlin counts on. (accompanying film program at the arsenal cinema)

… the exhibition “Kino im Kopf. Psychologie und Film seit Sigmund Freud” (Movies on the Mind. Psychology and Film Since Sigmund Freud) will be devoting itself to the complex relationship between psychology and film, the cinematic portrayals of psychic phenomena
and the deeper connections between film and psychology. Both use associations. Both analyze and construct identities. It is also true for both that it is not the rational, but rather the unconscious, desires and drives that are the motivating factors behind many histories.

(german exhibition texts can be downloaded via pdf)

img Freud Museum, London
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