silence is betrayal

I was searching for a while a text titled ‘Silence is betrayal‘ across which I came already some time ago, but could not find it in english. The text published on is written by M.Zimmermann who demands for intellectual voices in times of crises – what he meant back then by that was not even closely alike the violent events happening now. I will leave that here now as a purely german link and a single voice but think it in general heavily disturbing how less self-critique and as well general critique comes for Israel’s exorbitant actions ….

some links from various sources to recent comments:
Israel’s war in Lebanon is being conducted with unstinting United States support.

George W Bush’s portrayal of Israel’s campaign against Hizbollah as part of the war on terror is a gift to al-Qaida.

Arab citizens are squeezed between authoritarian rulers, violent opposition groups and western counter-terrorism.

Rami G. Khouri, author for the last link, has also published a few days earlier an analyzing article which goes against the simplistic view President George W. Bush has depicted this latest round of war as a clash between good and evil, while the Israeli government has tried to blame Palestinians and Lebanese who only want to make war against a peace-loving Israel. – a viewpoint which likely seems to be spread out in the west when resonable voices are going to be silenced / spared out within the main canon of media phrases…

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