.. to give a sign that I am not vanished – just too absorbed into some technical setups – but still have other interests too and hopefully am soon back again more often. For the moment just a quick hint to the recent film Tsotsi which started the last week to be screened here in Germany in the smaller program cinemas …

Eventhough as the taz review pointed out the film will hardly be seen by those who might be most concerned but more likely by an international audience who can afford time and money – it sounds like a very significant movie to me – which then in a way allows the opportunity to build up a representation where none was before …

Gavin Hood’s movie offers an astonishingly authentic depiction of a South Africa still struggling to cope with the ravishes of Apartheid and Aids, while simultaneously benefiting from comparisons to the raw, compelling style of City of God.
(via indielondon)

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