case: Hayriye Aydin

Reminding to what DW entitles Deportation Looms Over Integration Advocate’s Family and what is in a way a common praxis here in Germany:

Having spent most of her 17 years in Germany, Hayriye Aydin may have to watch her parents being deported to Turkey next month. And that despite receiving nationwide recognition this week for her participation in an integration project.

UPDATE: further link

.. posting this also for my friend Nina (as her family, once fled from Bosnia, had to endure a similar fate years ago) … and on her suggestion: the Quantara article

A Bus Named Desire,

reviewing the short film The 5th Pound by young egyptian artist and film maker Ahmed Khaled. The short narrative follows a couple’s a bus journey and uncovers critical and like a sociological study aspects of youth’s sexuality in today’s egyptian society.

… the point of origin to the end of the line in an empty, air-conditioned, darkened long-distance bus, and a man and a woman take advantage of the opportunity to do something they can do no place else: a furtive exchange of stolen glances and tender caresses – observed with mistrust in the rear-view mirror.
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