framings …

Out of context: ‘sorry u are under windows… of..a complex equation I guess…

Bridging: A friend put into this into my IM when I was still thinking about flow and frames and the relvance of this following movie in context to the latest post.

.. continuing: The video of Johnny Cash’s extraordinary interpretation of NIN’s ‘Hurt’ displays an exemplary flow of single frames – almost perfect to illustrate the former.
When I saw the video earlier I always was a bit disturbed by the symbolic essence of some of the images – but in relation here it makes sense both ways: In establishing a general image narrative ‘reading’ as well as giving it an underlay which excludes the common viewer from a line of specific memories. …..

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In the “Hurt” video, director Mark Romanek spliced together one of the most vivid and moving visual portraits of Johnny Cash’s illustrative career. Never before in the history of music videos has there been such a rattling reminder of youth, aging, and the sometimes agonizing trek through the twilight years. … link
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