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via GeneratorX – a very interesting project in both design and content – comes the information for the following exhibition.

Swarm theory is an idea animating contemporary art, science, design, digital media, and social theory. “Swarm logic” is seen in works that use vast numbers of small parts to create systems whose final behavior or effect cannot be wholly predicted. Artists working with computers and new media construct rules that draw together data and generate behaviors that evolve over time. Sculptors and painters create structures and patterns based on the interrelationships and inherent properties of individual elements. Swarm connects the social life of bees, birds, crowds, and cities to contemporary aesthetics, as seen in the fascination of artists and designers with how simple, discrete units accumulate into complex systems. (link)

Remarkable are especially the links and references made in this post which connect to other fields of swarm-like theories and behaviour:

* The swarm in Artificial Life as an expression of emergent behavior.
* Negri & Hardt’s social theory of swarm intelligence
* Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome, less popular these days, but still…
to get the links go there

.. elder post on swarms

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