.. a tale about humans between

.. the North and the south, about globalization, and about fish.
Darwin’s Nightmare takes a magnifying look at issues around the said birthplace of mankind near Lake Victoria. By this just focussing on the very impacts of the discovery of a certain type of fish especially considered delicious in the West / rich countries it throws a highlighting spot on the sickness of the ever repeated process of an entirely commercialised world.
From the filmmaker’s statement:

… In DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE I tried to transform the bizarre success story of a fish and the ephemeral boom around this “fittest” animal into an ironic, frightening allegory for what is called the New World Order. I could make the same kind of movie in Sierra Leone, only the fish would be diamonds, in Honduras, bananas, and in Libya, Nigeria or Angola, crude oil. Most of us I guess, know about the destructive mechanisms of our time, but we cannot fully picture them. We are unable to “get it”, unable to actually believe what we know.

It is, for example, incredible that wherever prime raw material is discovered, the locals die in misery, their sons become soldiers, and their daughters are turned into servants and whores. Hearing and seeing the same stories over and over makes me feel sick.

After hundreds of years of slavery and colonisation of Africa, globalisation of african markets is the third and deadliest humiliation for the people of this continent. The arrogance of rich countries towards the third world (that’s three quarters of humanity) is creating immeasurable future dangers for all peoples….
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