B-Zone revisited

B-Zone show at Kunstwerke, Berlin, attempts to transpose the projects described on transcultural geographies into an exhibition environment. The word attempt here got stuck in its movement of transition into adequate fulfillment. There is a lot to read and learn around those ideas which are worked on for the projects, nevertheless they have been around since a bit. That seems to be there further destiny for another while until the attempt of transposition of ideas and information gets a working realization of spacial transformation.

Today’s review in taz states that the complex themes do not offer accessable anchor points. The review refers to the handling of the material as distant and dry – at the same time blurring political practises and scopes of action. (in german only) Sorrily that compares to my own experience and even the supportive text of M.Lazzarato for A.Melitopolous’ project (found recently on beaver16) could change the impression:
theories and thoughts for the projects sound thrilling and interresting, still the way of transposition has to be figured out to be more attractive and adequate.

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