traum und traumata

Under this title (translates: ‘Dream and Trauma’ which incoporates already a connotation of the inherent difficulty and danger) the last project for this year opened yesterday at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. As interesting as the project sounds – reading the introduction text and the here taken assoziations used to connect to common images about the middle east region of palestine /israel this text does not really seems to be helpful to diminish or avert clichées (on either side) successfully. Eventually the title is more program than planed and to be open to that might be the most interesting part in going there and expecting the views offered.

Palestinians do not only feature as rock- throwers but also as tourists travelling through post-1948 Israel in a bus, musing on their right to the land which they can only view in this guise. Israelis are not depicted as soldiers but as punks debating the margins of music and the fate of the pedestrian in urban

Part of the focus of the programme is to examine the complexity of the land in terms of Israeli societies and subcultures, or of those who are perceived as the outsiders due to their ethnic or sexual difference. This set of references and this context provides a fresh set of positions to help the viewer into the complexity that we call Israel within the Middle East.

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2 thoughts on “traum und traumata

  1. Hello again,
    especially today, after a bomb attack in a city in Israel that caused the death of innocent citizens, i find your post more relevant then ever, in a day such as this, it is so hard to stay objective and to try to see the complexity of the picture, us -Israelis and our neighbors -the palestinians. in moments such as these, one wonders about the palestinian authentic will to make peace with us. and one can escape realize the hatred and the murderous instincts that palestinian are motivated by, and unfortunately all humanity is facing the horrible reality of the non human and cruel norm of radical Muslims, they posed what i call a nihilizm of love, and freedom and brotherhood of men.
    no matter how oppressed they are -the tools they choose to play by, are monstrous.
    we, in Israeli believe me, wants peace! but it is a path that takes time, we need an evolution of thoughts, and recreating new concepts, and a terrorist act, such as today, only postpone the future we all strive to achieve.
    art, in all it’s forms, as well as the “invasion” of internet world wide, are most important for us to achieve better times.

  2. I have to apologize that your comment (moon) got delayed as I did not get a notification for the approval of the comment .. (this is necessary due to the immense amount of spam I get, but i don’t want to suppress an opinion) and I just found it now on the internal panel of my blog.

    I won’t answer here directly .. just so much: I am about to prepare a post on the film ‘paradise now’ which I saw last night and it was followed by a discussion which included as a speaker the remarkable journalist Amira Haas (israelian journalist who is living in the occupied territories). It was a very good and important experience to hear her strong critizism of israelian politics in treating the palestinians and their rights as a nation and culture.
    As a german it is a complex situation as one (even as a following generation) is always somehow related to the horrible history of the holocaust and thus further development. Nevertheless I am totally against the aggressive way of politics in which Israel adresses the palestinian issue. Consequently I think the bomb attacks are awful but have to be considered as the symptoms of this treatment … and this is an underlaying fact which has to be thought about as well as just seeing them as the reason for further aggression and accusation. ..
    Peace is a demanding task which has to give back the right and truth also to the other side …

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